Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette Review + Swatches!

A few months ago I bought the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette in Light/Medium and let me tell you–I have used it like CRAZY since. I wouldn’t call myself a contouring pro as it’s one of the trickiest parts of doing makeup (for me), but this has made things so much less complicated. I think that if you’re a beginner at contouring then you will love this palette just as much as I do!


Did I mention this smells like chocolate? If you’re familiar with Too Faced bronzers or the Chocolate Bar palette, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! That alone makes me love this contouring kit. However, when I first picked this palette up, I wasn’t sure that I liked it. It took me a few tries to fall in love mainly because of the highlighting shades in this kit. I’m extremely fair, so most of the time white powders like these blend right into my skin tone. But after experimenting a bit with the shades, I realized that the creamy white color does a nice job at sharpening my cheekbone contour in a natural way.

From top to bottom: Pop of Light, Medium Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Light Cocoa

As you can see in this pic, the shade ‘Light Cocoa’ is literally my skin color haha. The other highlighting shade called ‘Pop of Light’ is the only one that I haven’t gotten much use out of just because it’s more glittery than I’d like. I’ve heard a lot of other people complain about this in other reviews I’ve read, too :/

That being said, I really do love the bronzing and contouring shades. I think they’re pretty much perfect for my complexion. They both blend out flawlessly, especially the contour shade ‘Medium Cocoa.’ This one doesn’t look muddy or dirty and it really makes a difference in sculpting my cheekbones. The bronzer ‘Dark Cocoa’ looks pretty orangey swatched on my arm, but when applied to the face it works great paired with the cooler contour shade. These two shades have been my go-tos for months now, and I think I like to use them more than my favorite Benefit Hoola Bronzer!

I also am obsessed with the Contour Buki brush in this kit! This is the only Too Faced brush I’ve ever tried and I love how soft it is! It’s the perfect size for contouring and I wish it was sold in a full size because I would for sure buy it.

So overall I would recommend this palette to anyone who wants to simplify the whole contouring process. If you’re fair but still darker than me, then I think you might like the highlighting shades more than I do. They’re not bad; they just don’t work that well for me. This also comes in Medium to Deep if you need something more intense than the palette I’ve shown here!

I bought my Cocoa Contour Palette at Sephora for $42. Let me know what your favorite contouring kit is!

Paige x

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